4 Ways That A Mobile App Helps Boost Client Engagement For Your Broker Business

At BrokerIQ, we understand that client engagement can be a huge challenge for small to medium sized broker businesses. Read on to learn how an app-based technology can help you boost your success in this area of your firm!

Mortgage And Insurance Companies Are Doing This To Boost Client Engagement

According to a 2021 report by App Annie, people in the UK spend around a third of their waking time perusing the mobile apps on their phones.

And indeed, it seems that there’s little you can’t do on your phone nowadays. It’s gotten to the point that even insurance and mortgage companies are providing apps for their clients to use for tasks like making payments and chatting with customer support.

But in doing so, these companies are reaping a very important benefit: they’re maintaining engagement with their clients.

Why Is Client Engagement Important For Brokers?

Maintaining an open line of communication with your clients is one of your most important jobs as a broker.

There’s a practical reason for this, as you need to be able to quickly share important documents, policy changes, and answers to their mortgage or insurance questions. But there’s also another reason: it also helps you with marketing.

Instead of directing all your marketing solely toward cold calls and advertising, you can use that open line of communication to promote yourself to your existing clients through branded text, voice, and video messages.

The easiest way to establish that line is to use a mobile app. Once the client downloads the app and registers a free account, you’ve got them hooked for future engagement opportunities.

How Can An App Increase Client Engagement For Brokerage Firms?

Have we piqued your interest? Good, because we’re just barely getting started with expounding on the merits of app-based client engagement technology.

Here are 4 specific ways that a mobile app for brokers like BrokerIQ helps boost client engagement for your broker business.

1.   Onboard Clients In Minutes

It only takes seconds to download an app, and seconds more for a client to register their information and create an account. That means that you can onboard your clients and get them set up to communicate directly with you through your app in under five minutes. The whole system is the peak of speed and convenience – much more so than onboarding them by email or phone call.

2.   Communicate Using Secure Chat That Is Fully Auditable

Communication between a broker and a client is key to maintaining engagement. At the same time, it’s of paramount importance that the sensitive data you send back and forth remains completely secure.

With BrokerIQ, you can communicate securely with clients via chat or even a video call, without worrying that someone else can listen in or view your conversations.

As an added bonus, BrokerIQ is fully auditable, so you’ll always have a record of your conversations – and you’ll always stay within compliance. This makes it a far better alternative to WhatsApp, the go-to messaging app of choice for many businesses that somehow doesn’t come with an audit or other basic security features

3.   Market To Your Clients

Once your client has downloaded your communications app, it becomes like a channel between you and your client that’s always open. That means you can use it to send them marketing materials in the form of secure text, voice, video messages, and notifications. This will enable you to maintain your relationship with your client and remind them that you’re always there for their mortgage or insurance needs.

4.   Extend Your Personal Brand

Branding is just as important as marketing for client engagement. When done successfully and consistently, it ensures that your firm’s name is always foremost in your client’s mind when they think about mortgages or insurance policies.

With BrokerIQ, you can quickly turn your video messages into branding materials that you can then send to your clients – through the same app! Basically, it does the work of extending your personal brand for you.

5 Benefits That BrokerIQ Can Offer Your Mortgage Or Insurance Brokerage Firm

At this point, you may be wondering, “What else can the BrokerIQ app do?”

BrokerIQ is an app designed for brokers by brokers. As such, it offers the following 5 benefits that help brokerage firms solve everyday challenges like client engagement.

  1. Helps you onboard clients in just minutes thanks to its simple user interface.
  2. Saves you hours of admin time per client.
  3. Meets compliance standards and is fully auditable (making it a better alternative to WhatsApp).
  4. Streamlines all of your data.
  5. Meets Consumer Duty requirements.


£35 PM for a single user licence.

White label/ branded app separate pricing structure

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