Our Process

BrokerIQ are here to help you Automate, Organise and Communicate – without the heavy lifting.

By downloading our app you can keep your clients and their data right where you want them.

We Understand Your Problem

BrokerIQ know and understand first hand the problems Brokers face and this is the reason we have custom built BrokerIQ from the ground up, solving these problems:

  • Disconnect from customers
  • 63% of time spent on admin
  • Repetitive daily tasks

How It Works

Transform a complicated process into a problem-solving solution


Connect with your clients in a personal way with in app chat and branded notifications.


Streamline your processes with automation. Make sure you never miss a mortgage renew or policy review again.


Keep existing clients engaged by providing a personalised experience with branded video messages and voice messaging technology.

How Do We Fit Into Your Workflow?

Easy. We will walk you through the integration.

BrokerIQ will work directly with your staff to ensure there is a smooth integration.

Maximise Customer Retention Today